and this is my digital space

I was planning to write something intellectual here but the only thing that I could think of is "Design Is Everywhere".

About Me

I am a self taught Web and UX/UI designer based in India having an professional experience of 2 years. I have an eye for detail and a passion for what I do. Currently working with these awesome guys at Coditas Technologies, Pune.

My thoughts about Design are, Design should impress, Design should rock, but, most importantly design should sell. I believe in creating experiences that engage people and produce meaningful results for Users and for Business. My specialization is Web and UX/UI design for mobile platform and front-end development, working on pixel tricks and turning them into beautiful, semantic HTML & CSS.

My interests do, however, extend beyond user experience, and I love creating brand logos, motion graphics to create meaningful animations to pleasure the Users' eyes, iconography and creating beautiful illustrations.

Tools I use :    

Web Languages : HTML CSS

Things I like : COFFEE PIZZA

Things I Hate : Internet Explorer

My Work

Look at the portfolio... It is as amazing as the website!

More awesome work coming soon. I will be uploading them as
frequent as I can allocate time to my personal project.(I'm a busy person!)
Stay Tuned!...

Say Numbers!

Because design and expectations run behind numbers

Numbers and Data have said a lot and affected my designs to certain extend. These numbers here may not be hundred percent accurate, but I can be sure about the right image of my persona :)

Arabica Blend, that's it what I need and the count of cups justify my love for Coffee. Pixels are calculated based on the number of projects and screens I've done and assuming them to be an average of 750x1334 . Sublime Text Editor does the counting of all my HTML and CSS :D no hard work while coding? No.

I don't count my doings, I have assumed these numbers because I want you to understand the Love and the Passion for what I am doing. I tweet and put things on my Instagram, do check them out to find more about me (like stalking). :D

And I do other stuff...

When I am not doing my daily work as an User Experience Designer, I am often working on personal projects that is exploring the user experience designs, or travel around for getting some amazing clicks (yeah I love photography), sometimes painting some random stuff and blogging about some random thoughts. And if none of the above then, hogging some pizza at my favourite places.

I love hearing from people, so don't hesitate to click those round social links right away. I try and reply each mail personally and this process does take time but, I love adding the personal touch to each response I make. :)